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Here at Spexmaniac we are committed to supplying you with high quality prescription glasses at a fraction of the cost of High Street Opticians. Established as a reaction to the prices charged by High Street Opticians who regularly rake in vast profit margins of around 900% per pair of glasses sold .

Spexmaniac offer a comprehensive range of quality prescription glasses including reading glasses and Bi focals. All frames and lenses are manufactured to the highest quality and are overseen by our team of opticians each with over 20 years optical experience. Our range includes all styles including half rimless and bendable memory glasses from only £15.00 a pair - .

Our quick and easy online ordering sytem can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home. Simply choose your desired frames for your new prescription glasses then copy your prescription details from your optician into our online prescription form.

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Free thin lenses worth 40 - the first and only company to fit high quality 1.6 index lenses as standard

FREE anti-reflective lenses worth 14.99 with all orders