reading glasses

reading glasses
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prescription glasses
prescription glasses
prescription glasses
prescription glasses

How do I obtain my prescription?
How do I order my glasses at Spexmaniac?
Why are Spexmaniac's prices so low?
What payment methods are available?
How long will it take me to receive my prescription glasses?
What sort of quality are your lenses and frames?
Could I have my lenses tinted?
What is the cost of postage & packagaing?
How often should I get a new pair of glasses?
What does 'pupilliary distance' mean and how should I measure it?
Can I damage my eyes by wearing the wrong glasses?
Do I need to send you a copy of my prescription?
What is your guarantee?
What if I have any further questions?
There is no sphere value on my prescription?
What do the sizes mean?
I can't find an 'addition' reading on my prescription?
Do you sell prescription glasses for children?
Why do you need a 'pupilliary distance' measurement?
Are my payment details kept secure?
What sort of frames will suit me?
What is an anti reflective coating?